Winterizing Your Body

The season is nearing when the patio furniture will soon be covered and the rock salt will be stocked up in convenient places, vehicles will have thinner oil, and snow shovels will be purchased. Among the many blessings of living in the midwest is the advent of season change. As the warm weather fades, and cold fronts come in many of are preparing for what is inevitable. Summer shirts, shorts and umbrellas will be replaced with boots, scarves and ear muffs. Winterizing our automobiles, homes, and recreation vehicles is the mode of this season.

When we see the leaves begin to turn, we are reminded of old man winters inevitable promise. We are fortunate to live in an environment in which we could see transitions that reminds us of the signs of the times. A wise man once said that believing in what we can not see is the faith we should have.

How does this apply to our health? What season are you in? Are you in the season in which you could eat junk food, not exercise, abuse your skeletal system and not see negative recourse? Does this mean that you should still eat chips and pork are dangerous to the vascular system, since you do not feel bad after eating them? Should we be replacing carbonated beverages with water and fruit juices, even though we do not have a condition that requires us to do so? There are a lot of questions we must ask ourselves.

Should we wait until the car breaks down before changing the oil and maintaining it?

Should we ignore aches and pains and assume that this is arthritis?

Should we wait until we cannot move, before we get a spinal check up?

Should we get a second opinion and seek an alternative to medication for our pain syndromes?

Should we settle for less than optimum health and miss the possibility of not improving it by doing all the right things?

When the leaves are turning we know that fall is here. This is an obvious sign. Are you ignoring signs and symptoms in your body?.

Whatever season of life we are in, we need to prepare for the winter months and think of PREVENTION! We should recognize that we will pay for poor posture, lifting wrong, poor nutrition, side effects from pain medication, and not having regular check-ups.

If we embrace prevention, in the arena of health, we are gleaning from the experiences of thousands of individuals who could have avoided back surgery, heart disease, debilitating illnesses, muscle and joint problems and chronic pain syndromes.

In our society we are prone to having our eyes checked, dental check ups, Blood pressure, heart and cholesterol check ups: lets not forget about spinal and joint check ups. The old adage still holds true where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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