Thanksgiving Stress-breaker

Thanksgiving has become a tradition in which many individuals get together with their family and friends, enjoy a break from their busy schedule, and eat turkey. Many of us, however, have forgotten the true meaning of Thanksgiving and do not realize the countless things around us to be thankful for. In this day of hustle and bustle, over scheduling appointments, work, running children to athletic events, and a variety of domestic activities; often times we fail to reflect on the blessings in our lives and the negative messages in our society slant our perception and increase our stresses.

One may say I don’t have a lot to be thankful for. Well lets take a brief inventory of some things that may apply to you.

  1. Can you walk?
  2. Do you live in a Free country?
  3. Are you employed?
  4. Do you have a license?
  5. Are you able to drive?
  6. Can you see?
  7. Do you have a close friend?
  8. Do have a family?
  9. Do you live in a warm house?
  10. Do you have any relatives?
  11. How about good memories of childhood, athletic participation, or school?
  12. Do you have a career?
  13. Do you derive pleasure from helping others?
  14. Do you belong to a church with a pastor who cares?
  15. Are you intelligent, good looking or strong?
  16. Are others around you affirming?
  17. Are you in good health?
  18. Do you have money in a savings account?
  19. Do you have grandchildren?
  20. Are you a handy person?
  21. Can you type or work on a computer?
  22. Do you have the gift of hospitality?
  23. Can you encourage others?
  24. Are you a good speaker?
  25. Do you have a lot of determination?
  26. Did you complete college or trade school?
  27. Were you in the military, defending our country?
  28. Can you bake cookies?
  29. Can you answer 1,000 questions an hour from a curious four years old?
    and the list goes on.

As you are aware, stress has been termed the number one cause of cardiovascular disease. Meditating on the blessings in your life can bring your thoughts into proper perspective, reduce stress, restore joy, and have long lasting health benefits.

So, use this season to your best advantage and, oh yea… don’t forget the turkey!


Dr Jacob G. Caraotta

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