chiropractic referralsThe Physicians in our office are able to order diagnostic testing at all three hospitals in Rockford and throughout the state of Illinois. They can also order diagnostic testing for out of state patients.

Diagnostic testing should be utilized to confirm a suspected diagnosis, it should not replace the skill of diagnosing. In the case where a bony lesion is suspected, x-rays or a CT Scan would be the study of choice. If an aggressive bone lesion is suspected, a Bone Scan may be appropriate.

When soft tissue injuries are suspected, such as a rotator cuff shoulder injury, meniscal knee tear or a slipped disc (herniated disc) syndrome, an MRI would be the study of choice.

If a person has radiation of pain in an extremity, ordering an EMG would be appropriate.

Certain conditions can go undetected when doctors are slow to perform viable diagnostic testing such as MRI’s, CT Scans and EMG’s. Our policy is to order testing promptly when indicated.

We work with a variety of health specialists in the Rockford Community, including general practitioners, neurologists, orthopedic, and neuro surgeons; and make appropriate referrals when necessary.