Physical Rehabilitation in Rockford, ILCaraotta Chiropractic Orthopedics utilizes physical rehabilitation as an adjunct to chiropractic to help rehabilitate various conditions.

We have a fully staffed physical rehabilitation department and have most physiotherapy modalities including:

    1. An Advanced Motorized Low back Traction Table ideal for decompression and rehabilitating individuals with various lower back conditions including slipped discs, facet syndromes and spinal stenosis.

    2. Russian Stimulation, which is a strengthening current best used in rehabilitating individuals with de-conditioned muscles. This is the same current Russians have used for years with their Olympic Athletes to help them strengthen certain muscle groups. This current is helpful in rehabilitating individuals with sports injuries, and any injury or condition that requires muscular strengthening. The advantage of using this current, is that we are able to strengthen certain muscle groups that are difficult to do with performing exercises.

    3. Low Volt Galvanism (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) which is designed to increase circulation, decrease muscular inflammation (or swelling) and to promote healing.

    4. Interferential Current which provides two intersecting electrical currents that are very effective in reducing pain syndromes. This current is very effective in treating shoulder, hip knee and ankle disorders.

    5. K-Laser, a painless class 4 laser that penetrates the joint and surrounding tissues, which causes an abundance of oxygen to go into the area (like a localized hyperbaric chamber).

    6. Specific stretches and exercises to improve mobility and strength.

    7. Ultrasound is an attended therapy to muscular areas.This is a deep penetrating heat modality that is very effective in treating cervical (neck) disc herniations, lumbar (lower back) herniations, tennis elbow, upper back disorders, and feet problems such as heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

We also have an exercise rehabilitation department in our facility to strengthen spinal and joint musculature. As part of the rehabilitation process, we teach patients certain exercises that they could perform at home to speed up the healing process. We also perform post-surgical physiotherapy and rehabilitation.