Aging with Wisdom

One summer day we were riding down a dusty road and slowed down as we passed this white house in which a man, presumably in his seventies, was carrying a box down the stairs. I couldn’t help to notice that his head was looking at the ground and at each step as he slowly descend the stairs. Being a pre-teen at that time, I remember asking my uncle why some older people move slow and look at the ground when walking. My wise uncle replied, “they are just being careful”.

Often times we resist changes and do not want to admit that certain precautions should be observed to avoid injuries and accidents. Junior soccer leagues and even High School athletes could often get away with little to no warm-up activities prior to participating in athletic events. When we advance to our twenties and thirties, we often have good recollection of this and fail to recognize that what we once got away with may not apply to the present conditioning state and we set ourselves up for athletic injuries.

Likewise, lifting injuries comprise one of the most common causes of slipped discs which could result in surgery. Where we once were used to bailing hay at record speed, lifting air conditioners and heavy items with ease, we may want to consider lightening the load, getting help or altering our approach. The old adage “an ounce of prevention” still applies in our present age. This is one reason we recommend individuals to practice good ergonomics, exercise as wel as getting in our office for occasional treatments to maintain the maximum mobility in their joints. The more active and pain-free we keep our joints, the more active a person will be.

The more active they are, the healthier they will be. In some stages of life, individuals are more susceptible to slips, and falls. Using the assistance of a cane, walker, and/or grip bars in bathtubs should be considered in some cases. Sometimes, suggesting and installing handicapped devices for individuals as “presents” could be an easy way for the aging parent to accept these items and could avoid potential injury.


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