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Chiropractic and Non-surgical Orthopedic Care is conservative treatment of health problems without the use of drugs or surgery.  We use more natural and less invasive forms of treatment. Our Physicians are proficient in Advanced Muscular Rehabilitation and utilize advanced and traditional methods which are gentle, painless, and effective. 

Our physicians are trained in various techniques including Chiropractic Biophysics, Activator Methods, Logan Basic Technique, Diversified, Drop table, Arthrostim, Muscle Activation, Physioherapy, gua sha, Exercise Rehabilitation, pediatrics, pelvic distortion, and Kinesiotaping.
Below are some of the more common conditions we treat.

1. Low back and neck disc herniations (slipped discs)
2. Facet syndromes
3. TMJ Disorders
4. Fibromyalgia
5. Tennis elbow
6. Sprain/strains of various regions
7. Rotator cuff shoulder injuries
8. AC shoulder separations
9. Meniscus and ligamentous Knee disorders
10. Ankle problems
11. Heel spurs
12. Plantar fascitis
13. Several arthritic conditions
14. Spinal stenosis                                                                                  
15. Whiplash
16. Nutritional disorders
17. Hip problems
18. Tingling in hands and feet
19. Pinched nerves
20. Automobile related injuries
21. Several conditions stemming from pressure on the nervous system.

We work with a variety of medical specialists in the community when necessary to give the patient the best combination of care. Chiropractic is best noted for restoring mobility in the spine and taking pressure off the nervous system. Since all the nerves in our body are connected to the brain and spinal cord, if an individual has less than optimum mobility in a spinal segment, this can put pressure on the nervous system, cause pain and create a variety of health problems.

Stay in the race with Caraotta Chiropractic Orthopedics. Our office prides ourselves in accepting and rehabilitating difficult cases and preventing individuals from having unnecessary surgical intervention by providing non-surgical solutions for spinal and joint related conditions. If surgery is necessary, however, we advise patients promptly and refer them to the most qualified specialists in our community.

We not only council patients in vitamin supplementation, but also encourage healthy eating habits to obtain optimum nutrition